VANA kids

Make a jump into the future and enjoy the sleeping time to share a story or a tale as hologram with your children through the VANA Kids pyramid, perfect to create an atmosphere conducive to sleep.


The bedtime story is a real opportunity to share a moment of emotion with her/his child. Sharing is at the heart of this exchange and transmission too! Parents may remember the stories their own parents told them when they were kids.

With the VANA pyramid, you can let yourself be guided with the voice of a storyteller, read the story or record it so that your children, nephews/nieces or grandchildren listen again and again whenever they have a wish for it.


Your children love stories, go farther by stimulating their imagination!

Let them express themselves by creating their own stories and transforming them into holograms. A playful opportunity to write a story, read it aloud, draw the scenes and see everything come alive in the VANA Kids pyramid.

Transform your videos into a hologram with our free conversion software.

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We thought about security for your children and made a design with round edges, without spikes to avoid that your child hurt himself (the VANA pyramid is not a kid's toy).

Where to find ?

The VANA Kids pyramid is available on :