How to use ?

Choose your video

Step 1: Choose a holographic video on your smartphone or tablet from your personal directory or from internet.

Place your pyramid

Step2: Put the pyramid on the screen.


Step 3: Start the holographic video and enjoy your hologram.

Holographic videos

Kids playlist

Geek playlist

Mix playlist

Tales playlist

Science playlist

Musique playlist

The "VANA Hologram" app is available on Android

1- choose video to transform into a holographic video

2- choose the folder where TO SAVE the HOLOGRAPHIC VIDEO

By default the folder is in VANA's software location


4- open the folder contaning the video

More options

use the video sound or the microphone

use the pyramid on the phone or under the phone

choose the holographic video type

modify the holographic video name

By default the holographic video name is Video_Hologramme_DATE_HOUR